Jeremy Vallo | Zillow Testimonial

Jenn was my landlord when she decided to sell her property, which I ultimately ended up purchasing. As a landlord, she was prompt with resolving any issues or responding to purely informative requests. I would have gladly renewed my lease under her. As for the home buying endeavor; I was  completely unsure how this process worked. Knowing Jenn was also an agent, I solicited some general information from her. So on a late Sunday afternoon, we spent about 2 1/2 hours just walking through the process….STEP by STEP. Two things were very evident to me during that meeting. This was going to be a very busy time going from offer to close, but more so, that she loves what she does as a Real Estate agent. While, of course, Jenn did not represent me in this transaction, from our initial interactions as tenant/landlord to the transition of buyer/seller, my opinion that she is ethical, trust worthy, and really darn good at her job never wavered.